15 Minute Tai Chi


Even the busiest person can fully benefit from all that Tai Chi Chuan has to offer.....

Tai Chi - Strong body, Still mind

Tai Chi, ever-increasingly popular in the West, is an ideal form of exercise for a busy lifestyle. It can be practised alone for short periods of time and has many healing and stress-relieving benefits. Whatever your age or level of fitness, Tai Chi is the ultimate form of exercise to keep you strong and healthy in mind, body and spirit.

This DVD is a useful accompaniment for the book, “15 Minute Tai Chi - Strong Body, Still Mind” by Master John Ding and Dr. Alan Ding. It provides concise and easy-to-follow theoretical and practical instructions, yet at the same time remain true to the traditional teachings of Tai Chi Chuan. 

With just 15 minutes of daily practice, substantial health benefits and well-being can be gained by practitioners:

  • Improve posture, flexibility and balance 
  • Sleep more soundly and enjoy new levels of energy
  • Manage stress and prevent and resolve conflict
  • Boost immunity and counteract the effects of ageing
  • Lower blood pressure and help prevent heart disease

Your Tao (way) to a healthier lifestyle 

This DVD will also enable you to gain a good grounding in this ancient art, one that will serve as a stepping-stone towards a greater, better understanding and insight in your Tai Chi training.

Tai Chi Introduction   Step-By-Step Form Instruction   Chi Kung   Breathing Exercises          

Body Alignment   Foot Work   Posture Testings   Basic Self-Defence Applications

Author : Sifu John Ding (6th Generation,Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan) - an internationally recognised Tai Chi master, with vast experience and understanding of both internal and external martial arts. He is one of the few teachers in the West able to demonstrate higher aspects of the art, including the cultivation and use of internal energy (Chi). Sifu Ding is in direct descent from the founders of the Yang Family style. He was the 1st Disciple of Master Ip Tai Tak, who was himself the 1st Disciple of Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung, the world’s foremost authority on Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. 

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